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St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church

St Cecelia's Church

Welcome to St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church website. We hope that one day we will also be able to welcome you in person to our little grey church in the vale.

St. Cecelia's Church was built by its members under the supervision of the Reverend Vic Brown, a registered commercial builder. Building commenced in 1987 and the church was ready for consecration by 22nd of November 1989, the Feast Dy of St. Cecelia, to whom it was dedicated.

St Cecelia's Church provides a range of services to its members and the community in general. These include regular worship and all the Seven Sacraments of the Church. It also provides tertiary training for those who seek to improve themselves, particularly those who seek to join the ministry. through an associated entity, St Basil's Theological College. They are offered both as correspondence courses and with face to face lectures and tutorials and may be taken either on a full-time or part-time basis.

This web site is provided for both students and church members and the information it contains includes an outline of forthcoming events, as well as a brief history of our Church. It is not designed to provide education to the General public, who will find themselves better served at another site -

The ministry of our church is unique, in that we provide a complete service to our membrs and the general public alike. In addition to most normal forms of assistance, unlike most churches,  we also provide a clear introduction to the Afterlife. Because they understand what is involved, most of our members have little or no fear of death and one section of this website is devoted to this aspect of our ministry.Counselling the Dying: Life After Death
This provides an introduction to our knowledge of Life after death, how it is derived and how any individual who is prepared to make the effort can verify it for him/herself. This is designed especially to help those with a terminal illness or those who counsel them.
This web site allows us to extend this unique service to many people who may otherwise never have found out about us, as well as to our own members and supporters. Please feel free to use this site to access the information you need about life after death and if you want further information, please contact us by e-
It is also designed to provide an introduction to the Orthodox Catholic CHurch of the New Age, and a resource for broadening your faith. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have for us.

Service Times
Sunday Eucharist                      9.00 a.m.  Every Sunday
Sunday Evensong                     7.00 p.m.  Normal Sunday Evenings
Latin Benediction Service        7.00 p.m.  1st Sunday in Month
Special Teaching Services      7.00 p.m.  Church Festivals
Weddings, Funerals, Confessions, etc by appointment only 

Stained Glass window showing Melchizedek blessing Abraham

 St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church also provides various forms of assistance to members and others. Such help includes the provision of counselling services to many different groups of people, especially;
The Bereaved
The Terminally Ill
Marriage Difficulties
Family Problems
Financial Problems

As this website is a new venture, we welcome any comments or criticisms. Please get in touch to offer suggestions as well as to ask for further information.
St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church of the New Age prides itself on being able to provide answers to any questions about the meaning of life and spirituality. If you think you can stump our theologians and mystics, please make contact: we will welcome the challenge.

St Cecelia's Church * 443 King Street * Caboolture * Australia * 4510